Don’t take it slow: 5 questions to ask before the third date

We’ve all heard it before — take it slow. Don’t deep dive with super personal questions too early when getting to know someone. However, as social media and dating apps change the landscape of our relationships forging methods, everything is now more fast-paced. So we have a daring suggestion — ask these crucial questions earlier than later. Before your third date.

1. Family


Family is where a person learns how to be with others — how to relate, how to interact, and how to treat others who are important. Ask questions about their childhood, their parents’ relationship, and how they are with his siblings and cousins. Chances are, how the person treats their family members is how they will treat you if you start getting serious.

2. Food preferences


Let’s face it. Eating together is the most common and frequent activity. Do you like to eat out a lot? Is atmosphere the important factor when choosing where to eat or is it the price value? Are you a vegetarian? Do you prefer to eat organic?  Having to discuss where and what to eat can be fun projects first few months, but if you have to go head-to-head every single time you have to eat? Not fun at all.


3. Sleeping habits 


Sleeping is important. Not only is it something we do about 1/3 of our lifetime, but sleeping well helps us stay awake and focused during the day. Do you like to sleep with TV on? Do you like to sleep in complete darkness with a white noise machine? Are you a light sleeper? Are you an early riser? Discuss this topic early on and you’ll save yourself from having fights caused by sleep-deprived crankiness.


4. Faith and religion 


Many people assume that love will overcome all, but faith is a huge part of any relationship. Whether you’re aware of it or not, your religious background (or the lack thereof) shapes your principals and values, so knowing where the other person is coming from is not only helpful, but also can make or break a relationship. Do you practice a religion? Is it important for your significant other to do so as well? Would you be stressed out if you were expected to attend religious services? Be honest with yourself and the other person.


5. Past relationships


We study history to better understand our present and predict our future. Ask when their last relationship was. Was it a good relationship? Was it a horrible one? What did he learn from it? Why did they break up? Knowing these information can tell you a lot about what you can expect from the other person — especially the deal breakers, expectations, and hurts. Asking about the past love life can be tough, but they’re worth the initial awkwardness.


Final thoughts

These are difficult questions because they are important questions. Remember, you have to know yourself first before you can ask these questions to the person sitting across from you. Be honest and be bold!

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