Men reveal their pet peeves on first dates

Think men are simple creatures? Think again. These guys reveal what their pet peeves are on first dates — some may be obvious, but some are pretty subtle. Read on. You might be surprised to find out what actually turns off men.

Taking food photos


“I get that Instagram and other social media are huge now — I wouldn’t mind it if it weren’t a first date, but I just can’t take the girl seriously if the first thing she does when the food arrives is take out her phone and starts to take photos and stays on social media to write all the hashtags and uploads them then and there? It’s really rude and annoying.”

Not even pretending to pay

“Of course, I usually pay on the first date, which I think is fine, but when a woman doesn’t even offer to pay her portion — like, she literally just sits there and doesn’t reach for her purse — I immediately know that I won’t be asking her out on a second date. Show some appreciation. We all work hard to earn money.”

Way too much makeup

“I just think that there’s a tasteful amount of makeup that makes the girl pretty in a natural way. But when she shows up and all I can see is her makeup, it’s a turn off for me.”

Getting drunk


“A glass of wine or two is great. I also love ladies who knows their beer. But one time, I went on a date with a woman who just kept drinking…and drinking…and drinking. She ended up puking on the street and I spent the next few hours trying to get her to tell me where she lives so I could drop her off. Not sexy at all. Needless to say, I did not call her back when she texted me the next day.”


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