Common fears of dating app addressed

Many eligible men and women who are single say that they want be with someone; most, if not everyone, would agree that having someone special in your life greatly increases your life quality. But when you ask, “Well, have you tried online dating?” many people who have begin to list the reasons why they hated it. The ones who haven’t will express their concerns about trying it! Here are some common fears about using a dating app — and why you should get over them.


1. “I don’t want to look desperate.”

Is there some stigma still left about using dating apps? Yes. But are young people these days using them actively to meet someone special? Yes! All the time! According to U.S. researchers in the Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences, more than one-third of married couples met online/dating app, and they were happier than those who didn’t meet online. Isn’t that awesome? Remember when people used to do arranged marriages all the time? Of course not. That was ages ago. As time passes, so does how people find love.

2. “What if I meet weirdos/liars/serial killers?”

It would be a lie to say that you will never, ever meet someone a bit strange online. But is that something you can avoid if you meet the person “in real life.”? No. Also, depending on what type of dating apps you use, you can actually lower your change of meeting someone who could potentially be a bit odd. Many dating apps limits the quality and quantity of information people present in their profile, people to put fake info about themselves easily, but if you use a trusted app like Single to Mingle that actually checks to make sure that people are who they say they are, you can feel more secure when meeting up with the person for the first time.

3. “I’m really shy.”

That’s okay. In fact, many shy people complain that blind dates are awkward because they are thrown into a situation where they have to make small talks with someone that they just met; trying to meet people at bars? It’s a nightmare. You can barely hear yourself talk in places like those! Filtering out the types of people who want to meet and talking to them before meeting them face-to-face for the first time can give shy people extra time to adjust to the idea of dating. You can take it at your own pace, increasing the likelihood of matching with the one!

4. “I’m not looking for a hook up.”

Well, neither are thousands and thousands of singles out there. You’re no the only one who is looking for something more than just a quick, easy connection that doesn’t last. You’ll find plenty of men and women who believe in destiny. Yes, love will find you, but you must take that first step to open the door — allowing the opportunities to notice you, too. Don’t let the stigma of some people using other dating apps to find hook ups scare you away. Many more are serious about seeking their significant others.


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