Women share surprising reasons why they turned down a guy

There are some crazy reasons why a gal might turn down a guy but bet you never would’ve guessed it could be the smallest detail that made her say NO. Read on to find out crazy subtle things real women have cited as reasons to end it with a guy.


1. He ordered the cheapest thing on the menu

“I was going through the menu carefully, trying to choose which food would go with which wine, but he took about 30 seconds to choose. And it was the cheapest option on the menu. Obviously he didn’t really care about the food or the experience…and I knew I wouldn’t be calling him back.”

2. He moved too slowly

“We had been dating for almost 3 months, going on dates consistently, texting and calling all the time…yet when I asked to D.T.R., he freaked out and said that he needed more time. Really? How much longer do you need? I don’t have time for that.”

3. He didn’t ask me any meaningful questions

“All the questions he asked were just a set up for him to talk more about his day, his problems, and his life. I could tell he wasn’t super interested in my response…He was just waiting for his turn to speak. So selfish.”

4. He moved too quickly


“After only about 3 dates, he started to talk about going on a vacation together…He even made a copy of his apartment key! Like, I am flattered but I also smelled desperation.”

5. His sister was too excited

“I was dating this guy who was a bit…older, and when I met his sister (who was even older) for the first time, she literally started to plan the wedding! Oh my. I felt like she was bit too eager to marry him off. I couldn’t get out of that relationship fast enough.”

6. His apartment was too clean


“Nothing wrong with being neat and tidy…but this guy’s place was beyond clean. I couldn’t find ANY surface or area that was dirty or even remotely messy. I’m sorry, but I cannot live like that.”

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